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Yuja Niacin 30 Days Blemish Care Serum

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Pickytimin review for Yuja Niacin 30 Days Blemish Care Serum


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Yuja Niacin 30 Days Blemish Care Serum

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🌟 PRODUCT DETAIL: It is a Serum that brightens dull and uneven skin Yonex by targeting blemishes freckles and pigmentation to create a fresh and dewy complextion. It is made free of any artificial fragrances, lightweight, non-sticky and contains 100% natural oil and organic yuja peel oil fragrance that is suitable for sensitive skin. 🌟KEY INGREDIENTS: Citrus Junos Fruit Extract, Niacinamide, Citrus Junos Peel Oil, Arbutin, Camelia Sinesis Extract and 12 types of vitamin. 🌟 SIZE/ TEXTURE/ SCENT/ COLOR: This product comes in a 50ml packaging and the scent reminds me of fresh lime. The texture is runny like and the color is light yellow. 🌟THOUGHTS AND EXPERIENCE: Where has this been all my life! This product has only done 1 thing and that is save my skin. This is the kinda product ypu have to document its use and I have been using it for up to two weeks now in both my AM and PM routine and the difference in the dark spots on my skin is remarkable. Apart from having a combo skin type my skin is very sensitive which made me have thoughts that I might get irritated by this product but it is the actual opposite. Apart from this product doing a great job clearing my dark spots/pigmentation, it is also hydrating and cooling which helped to calm down some redness around my cheeks. Overall, I still feel like there is more to this product that needs to be discovered in terms of my acne bumps because I have seen alot of people saying it helped them with that. I will update you guys more on my journey with it. I recommend it to all skin types, especially with those struggling with darkspots, hyperpigmentation and acne bumps. 5/5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Have you guys tried this cream before? What are your thoughts? Huge thanks to @stylevana_sv ❀for sending this product over. If you would like to try/purchase this product or any other product on @stylevana_sv website, use code "INF10APRILS" for 10-15% off on the site. πŸ₯°
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I have nothing bad to say about this product.




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oh wow!!! this is something I need to get my hands on. thank you for the review
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Nice review!!!
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Been wanting to try this line for awhile now, I'm gonna have to break down and try it
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never heard of it

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