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Fresh Relief Sun Cream SPF50+ PA++++

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Sister Ann


Asherz1120 review for Fresh Relief Sun Cream SPF50+ PA++++


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Fresh Relief Sun Cream SPF50+ PA++++

product review positives
#Sponsored by @08L to try the Sister Ann Double Effect Waterproof Eye Pencil, for free in exchange for my honest opinion. A lot of brands claim to be waterproof, when they actually aren't. I made the mistake of thinking Sister Ann was similar to those other brands. Boy was I wrong, in a good way. I always test out beauty products on my hands to make sure I don't get a reaction. I did the same with the midnight black and navy blue eyeliners. Afterwards I went to wipe them off, but they wouldn't budge, even with water. I used one of my makeup wipes and it came right off. This double effect eye pencil is a 2 in 1 eye liner and eye shadow. It has a smooth and easy to blend creamy Gel like texture. It's both an eyeliner and eye shadow. It glides on smoothly and helps achieve the look you want. It's easy to apply and once it dries it is waterproof, sweat proof and oil proof and does not smudge or transfer. I got the Midnight black shade which is a deep vibrant black, and the Chic Navy which is a beautiful dark blue, and I love the little sparkles in the color, which I was not expecting.. The shimmer Blue shade applied a little smoother than the matte black shade. The colors are beautifully pigmented, lasts all day and never smudges. Thanks to the sharp thin tip, its easy to apply thin or thick lines. This duo dries extremely quickly, has powerful water resistance even when rubbing with soap and water, and isn't easy to get off, so you want to make sure you are quick and precise. No reapplying needed. These eye pencils are twist up, and also have a built in sharpener on the bottom which is a great added feature! These are perfect for smudging out to create that smokey eye effect. Water alone cant remove this eye pencil. Whether youre in the pool, ocean or lake, it will still look the same by time you get out. It's long wear all day and night. They come in 11 different shades, that I'd love to try. You can find them on Amazon for $12.90 each. @08L @SisterAnn #AsherzReviews1120 #Sponsored @sisterann.us #eyepencil #waterproofpencil #kbeauty #makeup #nonsmudge #doubleeffectwaterproofeyepencil #sisterann #ad #sponsored #08L #kbeauty #freeproduct #beauty #honestreview #realreviews #review #samples #freesamples Repurchase? yes. it's affordable and has a variety of other shades I'd love to try out. love the color and staying power. The colors are cool and trendy, have great coverage and are truly waterproof
product review negatives
Only thing I did not like is a catch 22 type situation. I love that this eye pencil is true to its claim of being waterproof, but on the other side of that is that makes it a litter harder to remove.




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