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Skin Activating Solution




betterskin review for Skin Activating Solution


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Skin Activating Solution

product review positives
I received this product for free from Picky and elmt in exchange for my honest review. right off the bat, this toner comes in a beautiful glass packaging that makes me feel extra pampered while using it (tbh not a lot of brands are using glass packaging, so i appreciate the effort 💖) this toner is super watery with slight yellowish tint, i like how fast absorbing it is which makes it a great candidate for the 7-skin method 💦 if i only apply one layer, it has a semi-matte finishing but if multiple layers, it has a dewy finishing instead, but never tacky✨with green tea extract being the main ingredient, you can immediately know how hydrating, soothing, and calming it is on irritated or acne-prone skin 🌿 i highly recommend using it as DIY sheet masks to see the instant soothing effect 😘 another key ingredient in it is the Chinese skullcap extract that is rich in antioxidants & antibacterial properties 😱 not only it helps to soothe acnes, but it also helps to fight off acne-causing bacteria and fortifying your skin barrier against external irritants 🙌🏻
product review negatives
even though it has high percentage of green tea extract, it didn’t seems to help controlling my excess sebum production on t-zone 🫤 also, in terms of inhibiting melanin synthesis due to the Chinese skullcap extract, i didn’t observe any differences 😑




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Love the shots and video💚

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