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Cica Daily Soothing Mask




PoshLife review for Cica Daily Soothing Mask

Sheet Masks

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Cica Daily Soothing Mask

product review positives
🍃 VT Cosmetics CICA Set 🍃 “I received these products for free from Picky & VT Cosmetics in exchange for my honest reviews.” 🌿 Cica x Hyalon Daily Soothing Mask “Recommended for those with dry, irritated or sensitized skin. Ultra thin sheets of 0.22mm for better absorption.” 🌱 Key Ingredients • Centella Asiatica to calm skin and speed wound healing • Hyaluronic Acid to keep skin hydrated and protected • Propolis Extract to aid in wound healing and support collagen production 🌱 I was so fortunate I have this on hand when I compromised my skin barrier after severe allergies a few days ago (missed my allergy meds for 2days🥺). My skin around my nose area and upper lip was very raw, painful and irritated. I incorporated this with my other soothing products and it did help accelerate the healing process while using it for 4 consecutive days. The mask doesn’t sting, is calming & provided significant hydration to my face. If used this on my non irritated skin, I would only be able to appreciate the hydrating properties. I felt the significant soothing benefit it provided for my very irritated skin. First time I used a sheet mask for 4 consecutive days and liked it!💚 Note that this has a medicinal scent which is personally fine with me. It’s not unpleasant but it is initially noticeable. If you don’t like scents, this is not for you. The sheet masks are thin but are soaked with ample amount of essence. It is not the perfect fit for my face but it’s just fine. I enjoyed using this with my Foreo UFO to maximize the absorption while enjoying the warm and cool pulsations. The sheet mask does move a bit while using the UFO but it didn’t get dislodged. You can also use a beauty roller for extra pampering experience☺️. Overall, it’s great to have this soothing mask around especially for my “skin emergencies!”💚 🌿 CICA Spot Patch The pack comes with 2 sizes of patches which is great. First impressions, I like it bc it’s thin & transparent. I’ve tried ones before that are too thick for my liking & ended up giving it away. This VT ones i’ll def keep. Luckily I don’t have acne atm & don’t have the need for this☺️💚 Will update this review once I get the chance to use it. #gopicky #pickyreview #vtcosmeticspicky
product review negatives
Nothing that bothers me. Some might not like medicinal/herbal scent




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