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Oil-Free Ultra Moisturizing Lotion




Kelly Reviews review for Oil-Free Ultra Moisturizing Lotion


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Kelly Reviews


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Oil-Free Ultra Moisturizing Lotion

product review positives
Light weight gel type oil free moisturiser. It aims to moisturise, offer light hydration & calm the skin. Few key ingredients incl. birch sap juice, glycerin, tea tree leaf oil. Best suited for oily, acne-prone & combo skin🥰 PERSONAL EXPERIENCE🙋🏽‍♀️ Yup yup…👌🏽 I like this moisturiser😊! It’s light weight yet very moisturising. It makes my skin feel soft. It leaves a dewy finish at first but dries down to a natural finish. I must say it’s a tad bit too light now in winter for my combo skin(my sunscreen is moisturising so it’s okay), however, this is a winner for summer☀️! It has a tea tree scent which I don’t mind as tea tree is antibacterial in nature yet I would have preferred no scent(it’s not a deal breaker). My skin doesn’t feel dry/tight as the day progresses which is great💃🏻. I appreciate that it’s 100ml so it will last a hot minute👏🏽. I don’t get oily/greasy in my T-zone w/ this moisturiser. I must note, it layers well- if I feel I need more moisture, I can add more & it doesn’t pil neither does it sit on top of my skin. It absorbs well! The packaging is convenient! I really do think those w/ acne prone & oily skin will enjoy this moisturiser more as it does calm redness & offers light hydration. Drier skin types may need a richer moisturiser to lock everything in! All in all it’s a goodie & does what it claims to do🙏🏽 Have you used this moisturiser /keen on trying it? Lmk❤️ OVERALL- 8.5/10 PURCHASE MYSELF? Yes! This would be great for summer! WORTH A TRY? Yes! If it suits your needs, skin type & budget RECOMMEND- Yes! Oily, combo & acne-prone skin types may enjoy it more, yet I think all can benefit FEEL & FINISH? - Cloudy gel cream - Light weight - Absorbs well - Housed in a frosted pump bottle - Light dewy-natural finish FRAGRANCE/EO? - Artificial fragrance free - Added fragrant EO - Tea Tree & Lemon Peel Oil - EO doesn’t linger/overpowering MY FAVOURITE QUALITIES🥰 - Moisturising - Light Weight HOW DOES IT WORK WITH OTHER PRODUCTS? - 👍🏽 - No piling GENERAL PROs👏🏽 - Moisturising - Light weight - Absorbs well - No piling - Light hydration - No dry/tight feeling - Tea tree-antibacterial benefits - Layers well - 100ml - Longevity
product review negatives
MY LEAST FAVE QUALITIES🥺 - EO scent GENERAL CONs😕 - EO may be sensitising - May be too light weight for drier skin - EO fragrance is present at first but disappears quickly




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nice review

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