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Hyaluronic Acid Natural Sun Cream SPF50+ PA++++




SacredV review for Hyaluronic Acid Natural Sun Cream SPF50+ PA++++


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Hyaluronic Acid Natural Sun Cream SPF50+ PA++++

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Searching for the right SPF formulation can be such a pain in the sun lol! Some are heavy. Some leave white cast. Some are oily. Some are drying and the list goes on. It really comes down to preference, skin type, and what's ultimately comfortable on your skin. For me, I have dry/resilient skin and I prefer a hydrating SPF with great protection, thats not heavy on my skin. I was so stoked that in the Picky Box #6 I was able to try Isntree's Hyaluronic Acid Watery Sun Gel SPF 50+ PA++++. This water based sun gel has 8, that's right, 8 Hyaluronic acids that include all of the 3 hydrating molecules: 💥Large Molecule - Prevents moisture evaporation by creating moisture barriers. 💥Medium Molecule - Improves moisture density by linking moisture between layers inside the skin.  💥Small Molecule - Quickly absorbed deep into the skin, hydrates skin from the inside.   This is a dream system for my skin type. On top of all the hyaluronic acids in this sun gel, the entire ingredient list is jam packed with amazing ingredients like; 🌟Super Star Niacinamide - Anti acne, skin brightening, and wrinkle improving.  🌟Astaxanthin - Skin nourishing. 🌟Centella Asiatica Extract - Skin soothing.  🌟Fig Fruit Extract- Skin moisturizing.  🌟Ceramide - Skin moisturizing power.  An that is just to name a few. *Please refer to pictures/videos for full ingredient list and clinical trial intel. At 50+ Sun Protection Factor and a Protection Factor of UVA at a ++++, as well as being clinically proven (please refer to pictures), this hydrating sun gel is my ultimate favorite. With soothing and cooling benefits, this product is super comfortable on the skin. It is easy to apply, no white cast, absorbs nicely, great for sensitive skin, no fragrance, perfect for everyday use, and leaves a hydrating dewy glow.  This SPF is not water resistant.  Isntree's upfront, transparent, and very informative outline on this product is so refreshing. I am a huge fan of this SPF and it is pretty much the only one I use. I am in love with it. I more than highly recommend this guy! 🌞
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Not one thing at all.




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Thanks for sharing!
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I love this sunscreen but lill greasy
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best one ever❤️
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Thanks for this honest review 🫶🏼
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I'm definitely going to try this sunscreene

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