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Yam Root Vegan Milk Cleanser




Sharonspendstoomuch review for Yam Root Vegan Milk Cleanser


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Yam Root Vegan Milk Cleanser

product review positives
I received this product for free as a YesStyle Influencer in exchange for my honest review. I have not used a milk cleanser in a very long time but was interested in trying this one because of the yam root extract ingredient. I read something online about how wild yam extract is being explored as a phyto mucin. It is considered a plant-based alternative to snail mucin due to its similarity in texture as well as its skin care benefits. Claims: ▪️Andong Yam Root is rich in Amino Acid that provides a protective barrier to calm sensitive skin ▪️Vegan Milk Complex comprised of Rice Extract (hydration), Coconut Water (soothing), Soybeans (skin conditioning), Oatmeal (skin rejuvenation), and Sweet Almond Oil (prevents moisture loss) ▪️Good for sensitive or dry skin, or for anyone wanting a gentle moisturizing cleanser Packaging and Texture: ▪️220ml/7.45oz plastic bottle with pump ▪️White creamy milk consistency when dispensed, but has a sticky texture like snail mucin when applied to dry skin I’ve been using this cleanser for around 10 days both AM/PM. In the AM, I’m using as my only cleanser and PM as my 2nd cleanse (after removing makeup/sunscreen with an oil-based cleanser). I’m really liking it so far, as my skin leans dry. The texture is interesting as it appears to be a true milk cleanser, but it is stringy on dry hands like snail mucin. Suggested use is to apply to dry skin and gently massage to remove makeup and impurities, then apply water and continue to massage for about 1 minute, before rinsing with warm water. I found that when I applied it on dry skin, it absorbed into the skin like a moisturizer, so I changed how I used it. I apply 1 full pump of cleanser onto dry skin but add a small amount of water to emulsify, before massaging it into the skin, and then add more water, massaging for 1 minute, before washing off with warm water. It makes my skin feel soft and it feels clean after using, without stripping my skin. It is safe for eyes, although I use an eye and lip makeup remover to remove mascara. I haven’t used a cleansing milk recently because I never thought they cleaned thoroughly and often left a slight film on the skin. I work from home 3days a week, so I don’t wear makeup daily, but I do apply sunscreen every day. I find that it does a good job removing my sunscreen if I massage it into my skin for at least one minute and don’t feel like double cleansing. It is unscented, and I did not experience any irritation whatsoever. It really does a good job or retaining moisture into the skin, and I think it will be a great cleanser in the winter months when my skin gets super dry. I would recommend for sensitive or dry skin types due to the nourishing effects. It can be mixed with a clay mask to help tighten pores, but not sure if those with combination/oily skin will enjoy this cleanser.
product review negatives
Nothing I can think of as it works great for my skin type and has no essential oils, alcohol or added fragrance




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really need thiss
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I love the ingredients
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I've been curious about milk cleansers, adding this to my wishlist!
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Thank you for sharing this awesome review

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