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Hyaluronic Aqua Moisturizer




AjengChristianti review for Hyaluronic Aqua Moisturizer


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Hyaluronic Aqua Moisturizer

product review positives
Let's talk about its texture first. This Be Plain moisturizer is a gel. After applying it on my face, I can feel it's absorbed to my face but still leave a kind of sticky feeling (just a bit). Yet it spread easily so a little goes a long way. I should do this tap-tap gesture before using my sunscreen to reduce the stickiness. I also use it on my night skincare routine. It works wonderfully to moisturize and hold the hydration on my skin. As a moisturizer, this gel characteristic's is more humectant rather than emmolient and occlusive. When using it at night, my face gets oily after 1 or 2 hours (my skin gets oily easily at home so it's a normal thing for me) but the oil wear off when I wake up in the morning. It's non comedogenic so I have no issue when using it. No break out. My skin texture is also fine. I don't get any bumps from using this gel moisturizer. I think it also help my skin barrier gets stronger and soothe it too.
product review negatives
If only it's less sticky so I can use it more comfortably under my sunscreen.




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