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ZOMBIE BEAUTY by SKIN1004 Zombie Pack




SacredV review for ZOMBIE BEAUTY by SKIN1004 Zombie Pack

Wash-Off Masks

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ZOMBIE BEAUTY by SKIN1004 Zombie Pack

product review positives
I was gratefully gifted by SKIN1004's their Zombie Pack for my honest review. So many emotions came out while using this face wizardry by Skin1004. The Zombie Pack comes with 8 powdery packets, 8 liquid activators, & a cute facial brush. When mixing the packet & activator together I was worried I wouldn't have enough. Easy to mix. No fuss no mess. As I started to apply it it felt cool & slightly thin. I smelt an immediate aroma that reminded me of chestnuts 🌰 & baking soda lol.  I found out it is actually from Albumin, which is found in egg whites & is also one of the power ingredients in this mask. It is a smell but for me, it wasn't bothersome at all. My cat LOVED it. Would not leave me alone. It was like catnip to him. I thought he'd eat my face 🙀😼😹 I was relieved that there was plenty for my face & neck. I waited 20 minutes & this thing was like a alien sucking my face lol. It dried very TIGHT. Not uncomfortable for me but I think it could possibly shock a few newbies at first. It also dried looking like old saggy skin. It was fun & weird & different all in one. Good prank fuel to play with hehe. It washed off very easily with warm water & my skin looked great. Definitely drying so need that hydration afterwards for sure. Pores looked tighter & my face had a healthy glow. I had a few cuts on my skin & there was no irritation at all. I was surprised.  Power Ingredients include: Albumin - Found in egg whites🥚. Improves skin elasticity & lifts the skin. Centella Asiatica Extract - SKIN1004's shinning super star 🌟 & signature Ingredient. Effective & proven to soothe & moisturize.  Aloe Vera Extract - Provides so many healing & calming benefits.  I loved this mask & saw benefits immediately. It was a cool experience & I am so happy I have 7 more applications to use before I must re-up on it. This mask instantly became a favorite for me because of all the great ingredients, especially the power ingredients. The fact that I did see my face instantly glow & look youthful. Pores did appear tighter. Overall, I'm feelin it & I bet you will too! 
product review negatives
I loved it 🥰. However, for newbies to facial masks this may possibly shock some a little at first because it does get very tight.




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Checking the reviews cause this looks cool
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Thank you for the demonstration! The cat is really cute! 🥰

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