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Centella Calming Gel Cream




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Centella Calming Gel Cream

product review positives
Hi guys, Today I'm sharing my experience about @iunik_official CENTELLA CALMING GEL CREAM which was sent to me by @maccaron_beauty (M.E.#40) Thanks maccaron for sending this to me. ☘️Product : iUNIK CENTELLA CALMING GEL CREAM MADE IN KOREA🇰🇷 ☘️My skin type : Oily Acne prone + Sensitive skin ☘️Using period : 26th oct -10th nov ☘️Price : 1500 ₹ for 60ml ☘️Packaging: Comes in tube form ☘️Ingredients: Swipe left 👉 ☘️Texture : Completely gel formula ☘️ Claims : Sensitive skin protection Strengthen skin and minimize skin stress Soothes skin and supplies moisture Brightening & Wrinkle care ☘️ Features : ▫️Centella Asiatica leaf water 72% ( great ingredient that helps reduce redness and calm the irrigations by its anti inflammatory properties) ▫️Tea tree leaf water 10% (calms sensitive skin quickly) ▫️6 Patented Fresh buds like Pak Choi, Broccoli, Sprout Wheat, Clover, White Radish, and Cabbage ▫️Niacinamide & Adenosine help in barrier protection, wound healing & anti-aging ▫️Licorice Root Extract has known brightening & skin-soothing properties  ▫️Sodium hyaluronate helps the skin to retain moisture and staying hydrated ☘️My experience: I use iunik centella calming gel cream after applying my serums. It absorbs quickly by the skin and does not feel sticky at all. It gives instant cooling and calming effect on skin that makes it great for summer also. In night time it I did find that alone it was not mosturizing enough for me and I have oily skin so that's very new to me. So I layered with my Minimalist oat mosturizer at night. I don't notice drastic change in my skin but I do notice that my redness and itchiness became less. I definitely recommend for oily+sensitive skin. ☘️Pros: ▫️Instant cooling effect ▫️ Absorbs by skin in seconds ▫️Gel texture (great for oily skin) ▫️Does what it's claims ▫️ Vegan friendly ▫️ Cruelty free ☘️Cons: ▫️Not affordable (atleast for me) ▫️Not fragrance free at all ▫️Needs extra layer of mosturizer ☘️Rating by catagory: as per 5th image ☘️ Overall rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ #maccaronbeauty #maccaronexperience #iunik #kbeautyindia #skincare #Koreanskincare https://www.instagram.com/p/CWGqX0xKhTr/?igshid=MDJmNzVkMjY=
product review negatives
It is sensitive skin friendly product but why they add this fragrances I don't understand




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