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Softy Mo Speedy Cleansing Oil




SashaGrace review for Softy Mo Speedy Cleansing Oil

Oil Cleansers

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Softy Mo Speedy Cleansing Oil

product review positives
[Description] Kose Cosmeport is a leading brand of primarily Japanese Skincare and Hair Care. Softymo is their skin cleansing line. This Speedy Cleansing Oil is meant to quickly break down makeup for quick and easy cleansing. [Price] I purchased mine off of Amazon for $13.90 USD. I received it on May 17th and it is now August 11. With at least morning and night uses of one full pump of oil each cleanse, I am nearly at the end of it. I think it'll last me through the rest of August. [Texture] Very thin, very slippery, very oily. There is olive oil, sesame oil, safflower oil, shea butter, vitamin E, sunflower oil, jojoba oil, and corn oil in that order. [Eyes] This formula does not cause foggy, blurry eyesight, nor does it sting my eyes. I think what I'm cleaning off can irritate my eyes, makeup/sunscreen, but the oil itself does not cause stinging. [Removal] This does absolutely break down makeup very easily and very quickly. But . . .
product review negatives
. . . It is so hard to completely rinse clean from the skin! My friend who has dry/resilient skin said the same thing (she just gave away the cleansing oil because she disliked it so much). I suspect the more occlusive ingredients, like olive oil and the silicone and some others, really try to keep an amount of this oil on the skin, even through cleansing. The second step of an oil cleanser is emulsification, which is when you massage a bit of water in with the cleansing oil that you first applied to the skin. When you massage around this milky water-oil combination, it smooshes out all the gunk and melted sebum within pores that then rinses off easily. It should, anyway. But this just runs down my face, I don't have the ability to actually clean out my pores with emulsification. That means this is faaaaantastic for dry skin and perhaps even those with eczema. But for oily skin, it's a no from me. I actually have to use hot water to really get all this off, and that's not what a good oil cleanser will need. [Conclusion] For my oily and acneic skin type, these ingredients are red flags to me: ❌PEG-8 glyceryl isostearate ❌olive oil ❌cyclomethicone ❌safflower oil ❌shea butter These ingredients are not necessarily comedogenic (although the isostearate may be slightly), but they're very occlusive, which means the pores are physically blocked off to lock in hydration and moisture. The ingredients themselves may not cause acne, but their function can result in acne. 😑 ❌And the other big negatives for me are poor emulsification, and it is hard to clean off, even with a second cleanser. I would only recommend this to very dry skin types. I personally will not be repurchasing.




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Good review
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This was on my list. Thanks for the info.
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💖 I hope this review helps anyone curious about the product! Of course it's just my experience and we're all different, but I always try to be very objective and think about products as a consumer. Reviewing product isn't a job for me, I don't do sponsorships from rando brands.

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