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Marine Care Eye Cream




TDK review for Marine Care Eye Cream

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Marine Care Eye Cream

product review positives
❣️The brand claims❣️ Moisturising, brightening and improves elasticity and wrinkles! ⭐️Star ingredients⭐️ ~~ Multiple seaweed extracts ~~Niacinamide ,Vitamin E, peptides and multiple seed extracts (All helps to moisturise and brightening the under eyes area) 🪸The packaging and texture🪸 ✅Simple small tub with a beautiful metal applicator. ✅Very thick rich greeny creamy texture. Easy to spread but takes time to get absorbed fully. Strong smell and doesn’t linger long! ✍️My experience (combination skin, currently dry in winter in AU) ✅I was after a hydrating eye cream that will keep my sensitive areas hydrated for a long time as I stay under AC for long 13/14 hours a day in my workplace and I don’t like to reapply anything in my face between time as I’m scared of infecting myself given I work in a hospital! ✅Appreciate the metal applicator to be honest! After application, the metal applicator massaging helps to depuff the under eyes area and cooling sensation feels great! ✅Very rich and thick texture! Very hydrating and definitely great one for PM routine! Easy to spread but takes time to get absorbed fully. It does keep the skin hydrated for a long time! ✅Easy to layer on makeup as well!
product review negatives
👉🏻strong smell, might be an issue for sensitive nose. For me, the fragrance didn’t linger long! 👉🏻Very rich texture might be overwhelming for combination to oily skin beauties, especially in the summer! 👉🏻A bit pricey! 👉🏻Any anti-wrinkle and brightening effects takes long time and routine usage!




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