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Marine Care Eye Cream




syahnidaareo review for Marine Care Eye Cream

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Marine Care Eye Cream

product review positives
Before choosing this product for review, I had time to find out first and how surprised I was, that many people mentioned this cream as a dupe from a high end brand from Europe (please find out for yourself). WOW, that's my first comment. I was impressed when I found out. Let's see, my experience while using this. The texture of the Heimish Marine Care Eye Cream is rich, buttery and feels incredibly luxurious. I very rarely find eye cream with this texture. Easy to apply on the skin. Although it may feel very rich upon application, the eye cream is satin-like and does not feel greasy. Easy to absorb. Actually this eye cream can be used in two ways, using the ring finger and the tools but I prefer to use the tools, because it feels cold when it touches the skin. After a while it will warm up. My eye area becomes relaxed because the tools provide a good massage sensation. During use, the skin in the eye area feels moist and fresh. The moisture lasts a long time. Even fine wrinkles are not as deep as before. I also use this in the smileline area and the distance between my eyebrows (the area that most often makes me frown). I noticed it was effective in reducing those wrinkles. Heimish Marine Care Eye Cream has a gentle fragrance. Honestly, I'm no stranger to this fragrance but I don't have a clear idea what this fragrance is. In my opinion, this fragrance is gentle and will not disturb the smell. Use a sturdy jar packaging. In addition, this eye cream comes with a lot of contents. Unusual for an eye cream. In conclusion: The texture is very rich, it's best to use it according to the needs of each individual's skin to avoid milia, however I've been using this eye cream fine even though I use quite a lot of it every time. Heimish Marine Care Eye Cream can be purchased at @stylekorean_global
product review negatives
There's nothing to worry about during use, but it's best not to use too much so you don't have milia because the texture is thick




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great review! thanks for posting.
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thank you for sharing 💚💚💚

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