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Pantherecipe Nonicica Soothing Serum




SskinN review for Pantherecipe Nonicica Soothing Serum


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Pantherecipe Nonicica Soothing Serum

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I'm in ❤️ with this product: PESTLO - Pantherecipe nonicica soothing serum! Its consistency is so lightweight and watery that it looks like a toner. It leaves the skin calm and hydrated and has really helped me to control excess sebum. My skin has been feeling less oily and more hydrated since I started using it. I noticed a slight fragrance, but it's not irritating CLAIMS: • A soothing ampoule enriched with 82.4% soothing ingredients - noni and centella asiatica extract (instead of purified water) to defend the skin against environmental stressors and calm irritated skin. • Contains panthenol, 5 types of ceramides and hyaluronic acid, that allow long-lasting hydration. • Provides pore care and helps to control sebum production with patented tannin complex, niacinamide, and gently exfoliate the skin with LHA. • Formulated with EWG green grade ingredients. Sensitive skin friendly.
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Nothing bad to say about this product! I wish it was bigger!




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