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Midnight Blue Calming Cream

Dear, Klairs

Dear, Klairs


Negin review for Midnight Blue Calming Cream


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Midnight Blue Calming Cream

product review positives
I received this product for free from Picky and Dear, Klairs for my honest review. This powerhouse cream came in the ever cutest little glass container together with a little spoon. The glass container has some weight to it making the cream feel luxurious without even trying. Now a glass container is double the greatness cause it is easily recyclable. And who doesn’t love environmentally sound packaging. Not only that it’s cruelty free as well. The cream itself is a beautiful light shade of blue due to guaiazulene, a lill small flower with ever so soothing qualities. Other good ingredients include centella, jojoba oil, shea butter and ceramides. This creates a cream that soothes, protects and calms the skin. So what do I think? I’m late to the game but I’m living for this cream! I have used it morning and night as part of my routine. It soothes the skin on application, absorbs like a dream and has a light texture. Rich yet not oily. I think it will work with most skintypes. Harsh cold weather is a fact here and this provided good protection against the weather conditions. My skin has not been red, irritated or dry during this time. I could easily see this working like a charm for sunburn as well and spot treatment. However if you are very very dry something a lil richer might be needed. Although the blue color makes you think it might be perfumated, its totally fragrance free. Perfect for us with allergies or like me asthma who sometimes are triggered by strong scents. So yay! It also comes in a larger tube (60ml), a double yay to Klairs for that stroke of genius. I already ordered mine. Final verdict: I’m obsessed!
product review negatives
Not much but if you are super dry, this might not be enough.




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love the snowy shots 😍
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thanks for the review!💚 love the pictures
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Nice skin cream , works very well.
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beautiful ❤️

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