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One Step Original Clear Pads




tastelikelemonade review for One Step Original Clear Pads

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One Step Original Clear Pads

product review positives
tldr: basic affordable exfoliating toner pad which features salix alba (willow) bark water and bha more detailed review can be found on ny instagram @skincoral the cotton pads are the standard embossed/smooth rounds that many other exfoliating toner pads use. the toner itself is clear and has a slightly strong leafy scent which i find pleasant and calming. it generally absorbs quite quickly without feeling sticky but when using the toner pad on my body, i sometimes found it a bit sticky. i use this toner pad on both my face and body, and i would say that it does its job well in exfoliating both physically and chemically- i didn't face any issues with this product it comes in a convenient tub with a flip-up lid along with a pair of sturdy tweezers. inside the lid, there is also a little holder for the tweezers i think those with oiler skin types would enjoy this toner pad as a gentle exfoliator that also helps to control sebum production. those with drier skin might want to find a product that is slightly more hydrating or use this with other hydrating products.
product review negatives
i do find that the cotton pads are slightly rough and on the drier side- they are definitely sufficiently soaked in toner but there isn't any excess toner in the packaging and you can't squeeze much toner out of the pad. the physical exfoliation is a bit too much at times due to the rough texture, especially when my skin is more sensitive, so if you have sensitive skin you might want to watch out!




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Nicely written
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this is the first time Iā€™m seeing this one. thanks for sharing.
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So hygienic with the tweezer, lovely review šŸ˜Š

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