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Beet Energy Ampoule




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Beet Energy Ampoule

product review positives
💖 I'm from - Beet Energy Ampoule 💖 My first I’m from’s skincare product 😍 My first ampuole! I used to practise very basic skin care routine thus it’s my first encounter with ampuole. Based on my understanding, Ampuole is a high concentration serum of active ingredients which is used as a booster for skin problems. Highlighted ingredients: - Micro Squalane Capsules: Deliver nourishment for dewy skin - 81.5% Red Beet Extract: to hydrate, rejuvenate dull skin and moisture skin from the inside out It claims to reduce Advanced Glycation Endproducts (AGEs) in order to maintain healthy skin too. ✨ My experience after a month: - I like their lightweight texture that keeps the skin feeling refreshed and calm. It doesn’t leave any sticky or oily finish. It just gives a normal finish which is good for my oily skin. It blends and layers well with other skin care products. Unscented. No skin irritation. I read that other reviewers face difficulty using the dropper, fortunately it doesn’t happen to me. Rate: 4/5 I received this for free from @yesstyle @yesstyleinfluencers @imfrom_official @imfrom_global in exchange for my honest reviews. Thank you💖
product review negatives
Longer time is need for noticeable changes. Nothing very soecial about it tbh




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