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Triple Cream




vinci review for Triple Cream


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Triple Cream

product review positives
I received this product for free from Picky and L'Essential in exchange for my honest review. What makes this K-moisturizer worth trying is its main ingredient, Guaiazulene. So if you are up for a soothing and calming gel moisturizer, true to its ‘azul’ (blue) origin, read on. 🧴 Key Ingredients & Benefits. • Guaiazulene – a derivative of azulene, a plant-based ingredient extracted from the oil of chamomile & guaiac wood that naturally gives off a dark blue coloration, and known to be more stable form as anti-inflammatory and bactericidal ingredient that helps address redness and irritated skin; recognized safe by the US FDA. • Alaska Glacier Water & Centella Asiatica - both known to aid in improving skin texture and barrier by calming the skin and adjusting its oil and water balance with hydration 💧Form & Fragrance. Inside its cool-looking blue green circular jar packaging is an attractive translucent blue gel with white lumps, which I presumed to be the Alaska glacier water, in the mix. In its container it looks so fancy you can’t wait to play with it. It has quite an upfront fragrance like that of a shampoo. 🙋🏽 Experience. It has an attractive packaging. I prefer tube ones, though, so you won’t have to touch with your fingers what you won’t get at that instant you’re doing skincare. Good thing the jar comes with a spatula but which you have to figure out where to put after using bec it doesn’t fit the container. Going to the moisturizer itself, what struck me most the first time I patted it onto my face was its fragrance. Some moisturizers formulate fragrance so subtly, this doesn’t. Sensitive skin type must take note. Overall, I’m pleased that my skin does not have adverse reaction to its fragrance and honestly, it’s a gel moisturizer I developed a liking to, and could see using again, because of how beautifully hydrating it is and the smooth powder-like finish I feel it leaves my oily skin. Suits a humid climate. I use it in the evening right after cleansing before I put on retinoid and in the morning before I apply sunscreen. I wish I have a stock of it I’m nearly finished with the little jar. This makes the repurchase list. Also, a skincare item you could gift to someone. 💲 Price. In Lazada PH it is priced around ₱936 ($16~) per 50mL. Visit @lessential.global IG page to know where you can shop for their products in your part of the world.
product review negatives
• Strong fragrance. It arrests you right away. Thought it would linger but dissipates soon after. • Beyond my budget for a moisturizer Review also posted on IG @dan.vinci #pickyreview #gopicky #lessentialpicky #skincareph #skincare #moisturizer




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Great review
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seems good and nice presentation
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this sounds amazing..
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great review. thank you for pointing out the strong fragrance as my eyes are sensitive

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