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D5 Brightening Sunscreen SPF50+ PA++++




vinci review for D5 Brightening Sunscreen SPF50+ PA++++


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D5 Brightening Sunscreen SPF50+ PA++++

product review positives
I received this product for free from Picky and L'Essential in exchange for my honest review. A broad-spectrum Korean physical sunscreen that delivers matte finish and offers SPF 50+ PA++++ UVA/UVB protection. 🧴 Key Ingredients & Benefits. • Houttuynia cordata extracts – Soothing • Enantia chlorantha extracts – Oil and water balance & sebum reduction • Azulene – Soothing moisturization 💧Form & Fragrance. This non-nano physical sunscreen in the form of lotion. ‘Non-nano’, per literature, means its particles are made bigger than the pore size to prevent it from being absorbed into the skin that may cause irritation especially to sensitive skin. On top of the key ingredients it has other plant-based ones such as pear, melon, and rose giving it its fragrance. Underneath it is the usual plasticky scent of a physical sunscreen. 🙋🏽 Experience. The tube dispenses a lightweight white lotion that’s easily spreadable. On brown skin like mine, immediately, it looks like it’s going to leave a white cast, and it somehow does. I thought, was that why it’s called ‘brightening’? It needs some work for it to even out and finish matte. No pilling, not water- nor sweat-resistant. But I would be honest and tell that, during patch test on my neck I later got itch reaction to it. When tried the second and third times, the irritation gladly did not persist. I am sweaty and I live in a humid climate. It might be a totally different case if worn in opposite climate. If there’s an unscented version I would pick that. 💲 Price. In Lazada PH it is priced around ₱795 ($14~) per 50mL. Visit @lessential.global IG page to know where you can shop for their products in your part of the world.
product review negatives
Top-tier sunscreen to me is when from application and over time I forget or barely notice I’m wearing one, just light and natural—no tacky, heavy, itchy or skin-smothering feeling. This leaves an observable weight and stickiness on the skin. Nevertheless, no trouble when applied onto arms and body. Review also posted on IG @dan.vinci #pickyreview #gopicky #lessentialpicky #skincareph #skincare #sunscreen




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great review, thank you for sharing 😍
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seems good👏

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