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Propolis Vitamin Eye Cream




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Propolis Vitamin Eye Cream

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~Gifted, but opinions are my own~ I am sharing my thoughts on propolis eye cream from @iunik_official 🌞PRODUCT AND SIZING: Propolis Vitamin Eye Cream for eye & face, 30 ml 🎁PRESENTATION: This cream comes in a white plastic tube with a twist-off cap. 💦STAR INGREDIENTS: It contains propolis extract (40.5%), seaberry fruit extract (25.5%), and hydroxydecyl ubiquinone (I hope I spelled this correctly, it is an antioxidant) to improve lines and dryness. 🌺TEXTURE and SCENT: This honey-colored cream feels like gel cream with its smooth texture. It has no discernible scent and no added fragrance. 👨‍🦱 MY THOUGHTS: Because its texture is so smooth, I worried whether this would just sit on my eye areas (I have used some popular eye products that somehow did not sink in my skin), but it melted into my skin nicely. This claims to help with dark circles, but my main eye area concerns are lines. This seems to moisturize my skin throughout the day and night, and soften my lines. I put this near my eyes (side and bottom, I do not put eye cream under my eyebrows), and I experienced no stingy, burning, or heavy feelings. Although this can be used for the face or before eye makeup, I only used this for my eye areas with no eye makeup. 👐 PAIRING: I used this with various products, including Tocobo toner, serum, cream, and sun cream. Others may have different experiences based on skin types, products they use, environmental conditions, etc.
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I can't think of anything.




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