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Bean Essence




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Bean Essence

product review positives
*I received this product for free from Picky and MIXSOON in exchange for my honest review. 🫘Product claims: hydration boost, remove dead skin cells and help to control sebum. 🫘Ingredients: There only 4 ingredients, which are all fermented extracts (soybean, pomegranate, barley and pear) 🫘Color & Texture: the essence is clear and bright yellow. It has a gloopy consistency, this is quite fun but the name of essence and its texture make me think of natto (a fermented soybean dish). 🫘My experience: 1. Despite its gloopy texture, the essence is easy to spread out. When applying, I find it interesting that the product feel more watery and hydrating rather than sticky. Personally, a little bit actually goes a long way, 1 pump is all I need to hydrate my face & neck. Since it blends out like a watery essence, the product gets soaked up quickly into the skin. I tried it during my trip to a hot, humid place and noticed that it provided enough hydration without any greasiness. 2. I also tried it as an exfoliant a couple times, quite a fun experience. I massaged it in circular motion until I saw a few residues on my skin, then I applied a little more essence and continued massage. The residues disappeared, I was confused but decided to keep follow the instruction I found on the internet anyway. I was surprised with the result after washing it off. My skin felt soft & smooth, no dryness. It's like my skin has been pampled well enough. 🫘Free of: Fragrance (also even this product consists of all fermented ingredients, it doesn't give out any weird smell) Alcohol & essential oil 🫘Price: $35 for 1.69fl.oz/50ml
product review negatives
Some people do have reaction to fermented extracts. It would be more convenient if the brand have some English instructions on the packaging.




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interesting way of using it, maybe I'll try exfoliating
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I hear good things about this one. Good review

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