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Retino Collagen Small Molecule 300 Cream

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glowandsunshine review for Retino Collagen Small Molecule 300 Cream

Skin Care

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Retino Collagen Small Molecule 300 Cream

product review positives
The Retino Collagen Small Molecule 300 Cream is a nice addition to a kbeauty routine and a good start into retinoids. Containing 53% soluble collagen and 100ppm retinal, this cream is made to reduce wrinkles, provide skin elasticity and smoothen the overall appearance. Other ingredients worth mentioning are niacinamide, various peptides and ceramides✨️ The cream comes in a 40ml tube and a small nozzle to get out a moderate amount of product. I fell in love at the first use just because of that. It's practical and hygienic! The product itself is of a beigic color and smells like flowers; it's more on the subtle side and not strong. I like the mixture of lavender, bergamot, orange and rosewood. The texture is very smooth and spreads easily. I like my creams/moisturizers on the thicker side and this one is in-between lightweight and viscous, making it suitable for me to use over the whole year during all seasons. I spread a fair amount of it on my whole face and neck as the last step in my PM routine. As it contains retinal, I use it about 1-2x a week, sometimes 3x when my skin feels and looks like it can tolerate it but I mostly don't use it as often. My skin looks very plump and like glass-skin after application ✨️ After about half a year I have noticed it helps more with my breakouts than wrinkles. Unfortunately haven't seen changes in my wrinkles although the cream makes my skin look and feel plumper after application. I'd still recommend trying if you're interested, especially if you're new to retinol/retinoids and want a gentle one to start
product review negatives
As I have sensitive skin, it sometimes feels a little irritated or red a few hours after application or on the next morning. Doesn't happen often though. Also haven't seen a difference in wrinkles after using it for so long; I feel it helps more with breakouts and elasticity in general. Also pricy and not easily available where I'm from




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I love this CKD line😍
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we all have different type skin and wrinkle are hard ro fight for some of us
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This is interesting , I'd love to give it a try. Thanks for sharing!
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Mary Kay makes an excellent post rent rx. It is called clinical solutions, calm and restore, facial milk.

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