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Wrinkle Supreme Cream

The Skin House

The Skin House


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Wrinkle Supreme Cream

product review positives
“I received this product for free from Picky and The Skin House in exchange for my honest review.” ∆ Texture and Application ∆ This is a mildly fragranced moisturizer with more of a lightweight consistency, almost like whipped cream and it spreads smoothly on the skin. At the same time, it's quite rich, to the point that my skin felt a bit greasy upon application. But fortunately, that feeling didn't linger and after 30 min the moisturizer had completely absorbed into my skin. [ Experience and Thoughts ] What I enjoy about this product is the firming effect it delivers. The cream itself is very nourishing and my skin feels always incredibly soft and plump after using it. I don't have wrinkles, but I can imagine that the plumping effect could make some fine lines a bit less noticable. Still, it would only be a temporary fix and nothing long lasting. This cream could work perfectly during mid seasons, because it's a bit too rich for summer but also not occlusive enough to put on in winter.
product review negatives
🔻CONS🔺 It does have an initial greasy feeling depending on how much you put on, but it disappears in less than an hour. Apart from that, it's a good moisturizer. What keeps me from repurchasing it is the price. At ~30€ for 50ml, it is an expensive product and imao one not worth splurging on. There are better moisturizers for half the price. Also, the fragrance might irritate some people.




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I was eyeing this one in particular, but didn’t get it. looks like a good one
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how beautiful 😍 thank you for sharing 🥰

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