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Madagascar Centella Poremizing Fresh Ampoule




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Madagascar Centella Poremizing Fresh Ampoule

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🍋Skin1004 Madagascar Centella Poremizing Fresh Ampoule 🚨ALWAYS PATCH TEST🚨 🗨Thanks to Picky & Skin1004 for providing this free product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. 🌈Personal Skintype/Concerns: oily/resilient, acne-prone, aging, hyperpigmentation, dry patches, slight dehydration 😇 In 2012, Skin1004 was created with the mission to protect and nurture the skin with the power of nature. The brand name is derived from the Korean word for ‘angel’, ‘cheonsa’, which shares the same pronunciation as ‘1004’. As such, Skin1004 stands for 'skin angel', and all their products are made with certified Madagascar Centella Asiatica, ethically sourced and harvested by local populations. Zombie Beauty, a branch within the Skin1004 family, is renowned for its combination of amusement, imagination and effectiveness, making it one of my top 3 holy grail skincare brands 🍋Continuing their landscape picture packaging, the bubble filled baby pink ampoule comes in a thick clear glass 100ml white dropper top bottle. Both box & bottle have beautiful holographic lettering. Has a thick water texture & absorbs into the skin quickly. Full of hyaluronic acids & peptides, this ampoule is great for all skin types for pore care & anti-aging. Fragrance-free with zero smell. Can be used both AM & PM & commonly used in the serum stage, though I tend to use in the PM as my second to last product. 🍋It's super awesome to have an ampoule come in a 100ml size. I find that most serums & ampoules come in much smaller bottles. This ampoule is very hydrating & plumping. I love the way that it feels on my skin. 🧪Favorite Ingredients: Several different Peptides, Gotu Kola 💋Rating: 💋💋💋💋💋/5 🤳As always all selfies are unedited & unfiltered
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I honestly have nothing negative to say about this product




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looks so pretty

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