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Bean Essence




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Bean Essence

product review positives
🌱 Brand Story: Mixsoon does not have their own website, so this is what I could find. They are a brand that believes in undiluted singular ingredients that deliver effective results. 🌱 Claims: Alcohol-free, Paraben-free, Silicone-free, Sulfate-free, Allergen-free, Fragrance-free, Pregnancy-friendly, Non-comedogenic, Oil-free, Fungal Acne-Safe, Eczema-Safe 🌱 Key Ingredients: There are only 4 ingredients in this product 🌱Soybean ferment (Lactobacillus) extract 🌱Pomegranate ferment (Lactobacillus) extract 🌱Pear juice ferment (Lactobacillus) filtrate 🌱Barley seed ferment (Saccharomyces) filtrate 🌱 Ph: unknown 🌱 Bad Ingredients: None! Be aware though, that there are also no preservatives in this whatsoever, so be careful not to contaminate it, and watch the expiry date. 🌱 Texture: This is a very syrupy, viscous gel, halfway between essence and serum. I’ve never put anything quite like this on my face. Not even snail secretion behaves like this. It will take some getting used to, but you will be happy with the results. 🌱 Scent: None at all. 🌱 Price: Mixsoon does not have their own website, so the price will fluctuate based on retailers. $30CA for 50ml or $0.60/mL. 🌱 Application: As noted, this essence is intensely viscous. You will need to practice getting the right amount into the right places. I actually recommend paring down your other skincare and building a routine around incorporating this because it can be a bit finicky in its spread and absorption. Thicker products like ceramides can be tricky to apply on top. Make sure everything is fully absorbed before continuing to your next step. Once you become a bit more practiced with this, however, it becomes a dreamy, deeply hydrating serum that packs a huge punch. The ferment provides skin with deconstructed nutrients that are easy to absorb and use by your cells, and less likely to react with sensitive skin barriers. We are in the absolute dead of winter right now, the wind chill is a whopping -22 and this little bean essence is giving my dry, chapped skin a fighting chance against the dry, frigid air. Good things DO come in small packages! 🌱 Every day: Possibly. This product hydrates, but also gently exfoliates. If you have very sensitive skin, use every second day and do not combine with other exfoliating products. 🌱 Packaging: This pump is doing a lot of heavy lifting, pushing this rather uncontrollable jelly onto properly dispensed amounts. Good on Mixsoon for not skimping out with a cheap pump. It feels firm and dispenses a uniform drop each time. 🌱 Accessibility: While the bottle itself is fairly accessible, the cap could use some texture bumps to help with grip. If you are on the autism spectrum and have sensory processing disorder or cannot handle very slimy textures, this product may not be for you. It can be difficult to control, and can slide and drip. In terms of efficacy, the formula is excellent, but from a pure texture standpoint some people simply cannot handle the feeling of slime, especially around their face, and that’s ok. 🌱 Sustainability: Mixsoon provides minimal packaging, and the bottle is recyclable. This bottle could be refilled if refills were available. 🌱 Overall: I would recommend this to anyone who needs deep skin hydration and isn’t afraid of adventurous textures. North American customers will just have to deal with it and get used to wearing snails and rotten beans. They are the future of skincare!
product review negatives
🌱 No preservatives means you need to keep an eye on the expiry date 🌱 Very slimy, goopy texture can be off-putting to North American customers who are not used to the consistency. Just takes some getting used to.




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such a good exfoliant👏

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