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Retinol 2.5% Serum + Vitamin E

Cos de Baha

Cos de Baha


vinci review for Retinol 2.5% Serum + Vitamin E


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Retinol 2.5% Serum + Vitamin E

product review positives
A high-strength Korean retinol serum that requires no prescription to use. 🧴 Key Ingredients. Pure Retinol 2.5%, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, B3 (Niacinamide). The brand claims it promotes ‘intensive wrinkle care’. (Putting this here from the comments, from someone who works in the cosmetic industry: “It is 1 form of retinoid and not pure retinol at 2.5% because the designed maximum traction allowed is 1%. Unfortunately, many brands mislead customers with misleading claims. They often use the term retinol with 1 high percentage when there is 1 percentage retinal or encapsulated retinol which is not pure retinol.”) 💧Form & Fragrance. A 30 mL light amber liquid in an opaque bottle dispensed using a dropper. Consistency is runny. Free from paraben, gluten, formaldehyde, sulfate, artificial color, and fragrance. 🙋🏽 Experience. Spreading this gives the feeling of putting on a thin layer of oil on skin as it glides smoothly. The brand claims it is free from oils. Just the same, I personally think that is a positive point. It is fragrance-free, but I could tell this has a light scent like maybe aloe. Patch test is important since it has a high amount of retinol at 2.5%. I started slowly on it (every 3 days, then every 2 days, until it became nightly) and have been using it for six months now and counting, and in all that time it did not irritate my skin. But to err on the side of caution I would advise against having this by first-time retinoid users. Milder percentage ranging from 0.1-0.3% are already potent and effective as backed by studies and board-certified derms. I chose to give this a try because it is a Korean product and the price is absolutely afforable. The days of glow it gave me the first few weeks as I awoke from night sleep was desirable. On the third month I thought the effect plateaued or maybe I got used to it that it felt like it. Retinoid is a photosensitive substance so while using it exposure to sunlight or UV rays can cause skin irritation. Be sure to wear sunscreen daily. 💲 Price. ₱457 ($8.24~) for 30 mL bottle from Cos de Baha official store in Lazada PH. An afforable Korean product option compared to known US brands offering the same active that’s about up to seven times this price.
product review negatives
It served me quite well without irritation, but formula-wise, that percentage ”2.5% pure retinol” should come with an educational literature as that can mislead consumers to believe that that is an accurate, safe, and allowable retinol percentage for an off-the-shelf product. In the brand’s defense that may be permitted in its country of origin compared to say, what’s allowed in the US or France.




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thanks for sharing all the info,very interesting knowing the difference.

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