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Madagascar Centella Probio-Cica Essense Toner




Robynrose review for Madagascar Centella Probio-Cica Essense Toner

Skin Care

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Madagascar Centella Probio-Cica Essense Toner

product review positives
I received this from Skin1004, StyleKorean and Picky as part of a giveaway in exchange for my honest review. 🌱 Brand Story: I hardly need to introduce Skin1004; the brand is everywhere. They’re a relatively new clean beauty brand that focuses on minimalist ingredients and they have a love affair with Centella Asiatica in all its forms. 🌱 Claims: Alcohol-free, Paraben-free, Silicone-free, Sulfate-free, Allergen-free, Cruelty-free, Fragrance-free, Pregnancy-friendly, Vegan, Cruelty-Free Skin1004’s Pro-bio Cica line introduces fermentation, specifically, fermented Centella Asiatica as its defining feature 🌱 Key Ingredients in order of concentration: 🌱 Centella Asiatica extract is the first ingredient. This toner is Cica up-and-down! 🌱 Glycerin - humectant 🌱 Trehalose - hydration / humectant 🌱 Panthenol (Pro-vitamin B5) - humectant 🌱 Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate - antioxidant, pigment fading 🌱 Sodium Hyaluronate Crosspolymer - hydration 🌱 Madecassic Acid - antioxidant, active component in Cica 🌱 Asiaticoside - one of the other four active components in Cica 🌱 Lauric Acid - strengthens skin biome 🌱 Macadamia Nut Oil - moisturising 🌱 Phytosphingosine - anti-aging, emollient 🌱 Ceramide NP - hydration, emollient 🌱 Texture: With a few forms of HA and other emollient ingredients, this toner has a bit of body to it. It’s runny, but not water. You can pour it into your bare hands and apply it without it all escaping through your fingers. 🌱 Scent: The ingredients list includes Raspberry Ketone, which is considered a fragrance, but I can’t smell anything in this formula. Just smells like water. 🌱 Price: $32CA for 210mL or $0.15/mL 🌱 Application: Because it contains hyaluronic acid and other emollient ingredients, it can be a little “streaky”. This just means I find it easier to apply small amounts in separate layers and let them absorb than go in with a big splosh. You can basically layer this infinitely on skin with a bit of patience. I do the pat-absorb method, and while this formula can take a while to absorb if you do too much at a time, it doesn’t become sticky. Just do it in small layers. Speaking from experience. 🌱 Other uses: This toner can be soaked into a cotton pad or re-usable flannel cloth as a hydration mask. 🌱 Every day: I have been using this every day and have not had any negative effects. My skin has enjoyed the hydration and soothing aspects of this product, especially on resting days from active ingredients. 🌱 Notes: Those with nut allergies please be cautious, this contains a small amount of Macadamia oil. 🌱 My other concern, and I am a bit out of my depth in terms of research so please take this with a grain of salt, is that the listing of fermented ingredients is dead last. That means that it is less than 1% concentration. Now, not all ingredients need to be in high concentration to be effective, retinol is best at 1% or below, but seeing how this is touted as a fermented product, I am curious why that aspect is not higher on the list. 🌱 Packaging: The product comes in a dark-tinted, matte frosted plastic bottle, with a large twist-off cap and a flow-reducing inner cap. 🌱 Accessibility: I like how large the cap is, making it easy to grip for those with mobility issues. I would love it if the cap had texture or bumps on it to help with slippery hands. 🌱 Sustainability: This product cannot be refilled unless the flow-reducing cap is removed. Not impossible, but would require some extra steps. I would love it if refills were sold. The series uses matte paper labels that can be easily removed. 🌱 Overall: If you’re looking for long-lasting hydration that sticks, this toner has been an excellent addition to my routine. It doesn’t contain active ingredients that will irritate skin, and instead focuses on strengthening and repairing skin. If your skin is tired, dry or irritated from too many actives, give this a try.
product review negatives
🌱 Application can be a little finicky/ streaky if you try to apply too much at once 🌱 Takes time to fully absorb 🌱 the formula contains hydrating and soothing ingredients, without actives, so you won't see dramatic change.




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like a pro!! 👏
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Love your review ❤️ I found this very hydrating 💕💯
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really want to try this one out
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I am enjoying the cica set so much👏

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