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Green Tea Pure Peeling Gel




Robynrose review for Green Tea Pure Peeling Gel

Skin Care

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Green Tea Pure Peeling Gel

product review positives
🌱 I received this product from Yadah and Picky in exchange for my honest review 🌱 Continuing their Green + Clean theme, Yadah has paired a cellulose-based exfoliant with their green tea cleanser. 🌱 Claims: Alcohol-free, Paraben-free, Silicone-free, Sulfate-free, Fragrance-free, Non-comedogenic “Plant-derived cellulose and Green Tea Water allow for a gentle exfoliation while retaining the skin’s moisture” 🌱 Key Ingredients: 🌿Cellulose - This is what gives these products a bit of physical exfoliation 🌿Camellia Sinensis (Green tea) water - Gives it antioxidants and a fresh scent 🌿Arginine - Humectant Amino acid 🌿Allantoin - Skin-soothing 🌿Camellia Sinensis Leaf Powder - antioxidant boost, plus physical exfoliation if powder is granular enough 🌱 Concerning ingredients: 🍂Citrus Medica Limonum - Photosensitizing 🍂Grapefruit Oil - Sensitizing 🍂Lavender Extract And Oil - Antioxidant but irritating 🍂Eucalyptus Oil - Antioxidant but irritating 🍂Rosemary Oil - Antioxidant but irritating 🍂Citrus Aurantium - Photosensitizing 🍂Limonene - Fragrance 🌱 Texture: These ingredients are not present in large amounts, but it’s is good to be aware of them in case of any allergies. Because this is a physical exfoliant and there are so many potentially irritating ingredients, I would highly recommend against using this on broken, sunburned or already irritated skin. Save it for when your barrier is more recovered. 🌱 Ph: 5.5±1, within the effective range for exfoliation without irritation. 🌱 Texture: For those unfamiliar, exfoliating products with cellulose will have a kind of “gritty” texture to them, but it’s not like the harsh apricot kernel scrubs you’re probably thinking of. These are like tiny bits of dissolved paper that give a little bit of physical exfoliation. I’ve used two of these products so far, and found the PHA peeling gel by Benton had a bit more tendency to ball up and pill on the face due to larger bits, while this gel doesn’t have that problem. An improvement, especially since the Benton one would get messy if you didn’t use it in the shower where the paper bits could fall off and wash away. 🌱 Scent: That same burst of lemony-fresh green tea like the cleanser. It’s really nice to wake up to in the morning on a warm summer day. 🌱 Price: $23.50/100mL or $0.24/mL Same as the cleanser, pretty affordable. 🌱 Application: This has a similar thickness to a gel cleanser, minus the foaming part. Apply it to clean, moist skin and rub the cellulose bits to get gentle physical exfoliation going. I like that this formula is thick enough that if you need to, you can keep it to targeted areas for combination skin or away from sensitive patches. I can use this more frequently in my T-zone around my nose and chin, while avoiding my cheeks which can get dry and don’t need as much direct exfoliation. You may want to give this product the occasional shake to prevent the cellulose from settling to the bottom. 🌱 Other uses: Anywhere you need! While this formula is much too gentle to provide proper foot peeling, you can use it on flakey patches like elbows or knees to help remove rough, dead skin. 🌱 Every day: It’s not recommended to use an exfoliant every day, even as gentle as this formula is. However, I have used it two days in a row and not felt overstripped. YMMV. 🌱 Notes: I was surprised to find this gel doesn’t contain any exfoliating acids to compliment the physical exfoliation. Perhaps something Yadah could consider in the future, adding a small amount of salicylic or AHA acid. While this gel contains the same fragrance ingredients that may cause irritation, Once again you’re not going to be using this product long enough for irritation to occur. 🌱 This formula is very similar to its cleanser counterpart, minus the cleansing agents and adding in cellulose. If your skin does not like that formula, you may want to cross this one off your list as well. 🌱 Packaging: Comes in a similar tube to the cleanser, but this one is opaque. Both are squeeze tubes with flip caps which are cheap, effective ways to safely store products. 🌱 Accessibility: This is a small note, but I appreciate that both tubes have rounded corners on the tip edges. Sometimes those corners can be sharp and this is just a nicer, more polished presentation. 🌱 Sustainability: The cap can be recycled, not sure about the tube. This product did not come with any other extra packaging. 🌱 Overall: While the cleanser doesn’t have too much that sets it above the rest, I am rather impressed with this formula. It provides the right amount of exfoliation to prevent hormonal breakouts without causing my skin to become irritated. It contains a nice fragrance with small amounts of some concerning ingredients but since I wash it off immediately I am not excessively exposing my sensitive skin. If you are ok with scents and want an affordable peel, go with this one. If you are willing to pay extra for it to be unscented and extra-super gentle, go with the Benton.
product review negatives
🌱 Contains more than a few irritating ingredients, though not in large amounts. This product will be washed off, so irritating ingredients won't stay on your skin very long 🌱 Formula doesn't contain any chemical acid exfoliants, it is mostly physical




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Amazing review. Thanks for sharing.

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