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Beet Energy Ampoule




shalimarakalal review for Beet Energy Ampoule


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Beet Energy Ampoule

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I received this product for free in exchange of my Honest Review from @yesstyle. I’m FROM Beet Energy Ampoule 30 ml Made in Korea I love anything skincare that will work and that is good for my skin. And this ampoule serum is one of them, I have included this to my daily skincare regime and the results are just simply good. Now for those who don’t know anything about this product, it is an Ampoule Containing Squalene +Beetroot and it claims to provide moisture and hydrates the skin. And it also gives radiance and nourishment. Now from what I have observe while doing my skincare this products absorbs easily, without the sticky feeling.it is lightweight and watery in consistency. It has no scent and has a mild dewy finish which I so love in a serum giving you that healthy glow. In my opinion this Ampoule is perfect for people with dry skin but It is also good for all skin types, like me I have Oily Combination Skin and I didn’t get any breakouts what so ever since squalene is an oil like ingredient, two thumbs up for I’m from! The packaging is nice got that minimal look to it, the bottle is nice as well it came with a glass type dropper. Ingredients and information about the product and origins as well is printed on the box.
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I have no bad experience with this Ampoule.




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This almost looks like rose water mist,but thicker since its an ampoule.I enjoy ampoules so hydrating to my dry skin

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