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Daily Moisturizing Lotion




kendita review for Daily Moisturizing Lotion

Body Care

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Daily Moisturizing Lotion

product review positives
I think this moisturizer definitely moisturized my skin but could be more moisturizing. Some moisturizers that I’ve tried had given me more pimples, but this moisturizer didn’t so this is acne prone skin safe. I would still recommend this product, but only for oily to normal skin maybe not to dry and sensitive skin. I would aim for products that are more moisturizing if u have really dry and flaky skin. This moisturizer was very creamy and soft. It didn’t feel heavy on my skin, and absorbed really nicely into my skin. Also, when you put it on it, it really soothes your skin and makes your skin feel all nice and cold.
product review negatives
I think this is a good moisturizer, but I think it could be more moisturizing. For people who have flaky skin, I don’t think I recommend this moisturizer. I think you should aim for something more moisturizing because I have really dry and flaky skin and when I use this it Did not help with the flaky skin. I recommend Nivea for flaky skin. My skin is also very sensitive and gets irritated really easily so if you put a lot of this after using strong acne products, it could also irritate your skin a little bit. This is just based off my experiences, so it might not irritate your skin, but just look out for irritation if you have sensitive skin when you’re using this product. When using this product, make sure not to apply really close to the eye area because I accidentally put the moisturizer really close to my eyes and it kind of irritated my eye bag area. Make sure not to use too much because it could clog your pores




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