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Nourishing Care Lip Sleeping Pack




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Nourishing Care Lip Sleeping Pack

product review positives
[Reviewing for you: The Klavuu Nourishing Care Lip Sleeping Pack] [UPDATED 230917] One of the best lip masks I have ever tried! Got the Coconut one and beside a heavenly scent the masks rejuvenates and hydrates my dry lips even after wearing drying/matte lipsticks. (Other scents are available) 🥥with coconut and avocado oil to nourish dry/damaged lips and give them more vitality 🤎has a super thick beige colored texture but it’s still more lightweight when applied 🥥doesn’t feel sticky like other lip masks after applying but rather melts nicely onto lips leaving them smooth and shiny 🤎my lips tend to dry out fast but since I started using the mask to sleep I noticed that they get less chapped or don’t crack that fast anymore 🥥loving how they make my lips feel in the next morning, nourished, bouncy and dry patches are moisturized throughly To summarize: I am totally satisfied with this lip mask simply because of its great and nourishing ingredients as well as how it makes my lips feel after applying it. It mostly prevents from moisture evaporation and the best is, that my lips stay plump and soft after removing it from my lips. In the next morning my lips still feel soft and nourished and don’t get chapped easily throughout the day. Even tough the consistency is thick, I enjoy applying it under my lip makeup to achieve a smooth and glowy finish. I usually can’t find lip balms/ masks which really work for my dry lips so I am even more happy to have found this one as I don’t need to worry about my lips getting dry! Definitely worth purchasing it and giving it a try! [Update #1] Tried it recently on top of lipstick and it made it look pretty great just like lipgloss! Definitely would do it again for when my lips are extremely dry!
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📍doesn’t include own spatula but that wasn’t a big deal since I have some from other products!




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Wow 🤩🤩
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This looks so great! I love coconut 🥥
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I need to try this!! Sounds great

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