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Let Me Soothing Creamy Mask




SashaGrace review for Let Me Soothing Creamy Mask

Skin Care

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Let Me Soothing Creamy Mask

product review positives
*I received this product for free from Picky and @plodica.official in exchange for my honest review. If you've read my review of the Re:Wake Moisture Treatment "toner" then you know what I think of that product and its ingredients. What that product contains is really very similar to what this Mask contains. Things that are hydrating like humectants, extracts, antioxidants, ingredients meant to battle transepidermal water loss (TEWL). But. ✨This is a gentle moisturizer, which may be great for those of you with normal skin or perhaps combination skin. ✨The consistency is a kind of gel pudding. It feels very plush and soft on skin, it actually feels like it coats the skin when I apply it. My skin is oily, so I really don't need much moisture at all during warm weather. I do really like it on hands. 💡It's a bit like the Atopalm Soothing Gel Lotion, but more substantive than that. ✨And the scent, same as the Re:Wake Treatment toner, doesn't smell like anything at all. 👍 🌱This product is vegan.
product review negatives
⚠️ this moisturizer isn't going to be enough for dry skin (nor my flaky tret patches), nor thin and light enough for oily skin at the other end of the spectrum (may be good for Fall). But I do think this is worth a try if you're in the middle and have a hard time finding a balance with moisturizers. ⚠️ The price of this seems to be somewhere in between $25-$34 USD on average. And again . . . I don't really know why it's this expensive. I don't know, am I just really cheap and jaded after trying so many cosmetics? 😅




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