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Full Fit Propolis Synergy Toner




SCMemoir review for Full Fit Propolis Synergy Toner


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Full Fit Propolis Synergy Toner

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I’m a big fan of cosrx products, not gonna lie. ______ I’ve been using the COSRX PROPOLIS SYNERGY TONER🐝 since roughly September 2020, so for a while now, though not consistently every day (so many toners to try out!). ______ What initially surprised me about this toner is its consistency. It is far less viscous than expected, given that propolis-containing products tend to be on the richer and thicker side. It feels a bit sticky when you run it through your fingers though, so it isn’t quite as water-like as a first treatment essence. ______ The Propolis Synergy Toner🌻 is alcohol-, essential oil- and fragrance-free, which will make many of you very happy to hear. ______ I tend to use this toner in the mornings due to its light feel on the skin and the fact that it so smoothly glides onto the skin, playing well with any skincare or makeup products that follow in the routine. ______ 🔆To sum up This is a great, gentle toner for a variety of skin types, from dehydrated to acne-prone and oily, since it delivers hydration without overpowering the skin. . The propolis and honey🐝 extract can support a damaged skin barrier, plus help with redness and potentially even scarring from healed breakouts.
product review negatives
Do check if propolis is ok to use for you though, since some people may have an allergic reactions to it! ______ Disclaimer: I would also say that dry to very dry skin may not find this rich enough for them.




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