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Licorice Calming Cream




AllyOlly review for Licorice Calming Cream

Skin Care

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Licorice Calming Cream

product review positives
This is a gel-like moisturiser that contains 58% Licorice Exosome and 100 million Licorice flavonoids. These help to calm down irritation while also locking in moisture, with a claim for 24 hours of hydration. Other great effects of this cream include fading hyperpigmentation, brightening the skin, reducing redness and it is also non-comedogenic. This makes it the perfect for acne-prone and sensitive skin types. As I am currently taking oral Isotretinoin my skin has been super sensitive, and I also have a lot of leftover scarring from old breakouts. This cream had definitely been effective at calming almy redness and soothing irritation. I am also noticing my acne scarring starting to fade more rapidly since I started using this moisturiser. In the mornings this sits really well under my SPFs and makeup. I think people with more normal to oily skin would appreciate this formula a lot more than dryer skin types. But, as I said, the results of the ingredients are quite apparent, so if you want these results or to try this cream out but are dry/super dry (like myself) then layering it with other moisturising products works very well.
product review negatives
Unfortunately, for my extremely dry skin this isn't enough moisture on its own for me in the evenings, but it layers really nicely with other products. Also I feel like the tube is a bit small.. I always love a bigger volume of product 😄




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Thanks for sharing 😄

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