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Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish

Dear, Klairs

Dear, Klairs


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Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish

product review positives
Klairs Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish I thought this was a facial scrub mask when I first used & left it on my face for more than half an hour only to find out later that this is a facial polish😂😂 Surprisingly it wasn’t drying or makes my skin feels tight after leaving on my face longer.Its grainy feel makes black sugar ideal for scrubbing away/removing dead skin cells/sebum & brightening the skin. It also possesses moisturizing qualities to hydrate skin, nourishes & rejuvenates as well. It is advised to massage your dry skin with a cleansing oil for 1 min before applying the facial scrub over your face using only a small amount, then gently massage & roll over the face to emulsify the oil with water. However, I prefer to add some water to the scrub first to create a slightly creamy texture before spreading it on my face then followed by a gentle massage in a circular motion to let it melts away all impurities, grimes & unclogged pores. I find that in this way the grainy texture won’t feel too abrasive on my sensitive skin. Thus far, this scrub has not cause any irritations neither any negative reactions. It is a pleasure having a good & effective vegan friendly + cruelty free sugar scrub that thoroughly cleans my pores & reducing the appearance of blackheads while hydrates at the same time. I like to use the scrub around my T zone areas that is prone to oiliness & clogged pores. It has truly improved the clarity of my skin leaving a healthy radiant with better skin tone, softer & smoother complexion. Key ingredients: Fine particles of black sugar, unsaturated fatty acid, cranberry seed oil, shea butter, vitamins A & E 💫Free of alcohol, silicone & pigment without artificial fragrance/scent
product review negatives
If you have overly sensitive skin this scrub might trigger or can be abrasive other than that it is a good formula.




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Thank you for your review 🤍

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