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TheLittleChikk review for Mango Balm Dotcom

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Mango Balm Dotcom

product review positives
This balm is marketed as a "universal salve", meaning that you can apply it on the hands, body, lips and any other dry patches you might get. I use this balm primarily as a lip balm as I think it's very moisturizing. There's a very pronounced mango scent which doesn't smell too artificial, which I enjoy. The tube packaging makes it easier to dispense the product directly on the lips if you're out and it applies clear on the lips. Lipsticks can be applied after this balm, without making the lipstick look oily or greasy on the lips.
product review negatives
Updated: The fragrance might be too strong for some. Also I think I have the original balm formula before Glossier changed it, and from the reviews on Sephora etc., the new formula isn't as good as before (the one I have now). The formula also separates and becomes liquidity, oily, and thinner.




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