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Red Lacto Collagen Clear 2.0




Renegade review for Red Lacto Collagen Clear 2.0

Skin Care

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Red Lacto Collagen Clear 2.0

product review positives
A slightly alkalinic cleanser that foams up nicely by using less than a pea-sized amount of product. I have oily and acne-prone skin and I've been searching for a cleanser that has Probiotic or has Lactobacillus Ferment in their ingredient list as I have observed that my skin tends to really like Probiotic or Lactobacillus Ferment extract so I have different products that has Lactobacillus Ferment or has Probiotics in the ingredient list from toner, serums, moisturizer, except sunscreen as I tend to really explore my sunscreens. This cleanser claims to be the number 1 sold cleanser in Olive Young even with their previous version. -Pore tightening -Moisturizing -AHA/BHA for gentle exfoliation -Probiotic for a good skin microbiome ⚗️Formulation/Texture: I didn't get to test the previous version and most review said it has small red beads you can crush, but this one does not have those. The texture is very creamy. 🧏🏽‍♀️ Application: I damp my face with water and only use half of a pea-sized amount to get decent foam, I follow it up with a pH-balanced toner or a hydrating one and massage the face <30 seconds as it tends to be drying when exposed for too long. 💰Price & Quantity: Two variant is available 120ml and 300ml available in my country for ₱518 - ₱769 respectively. 📦Packaging: A big tube that easily dispenses the product, gravity does most of the work so I won't have to squeeze to get products out as it tends to dispense on it's own when opened. 📝Verdict: A very nice cleanser with good ingredients, it is slightly alkalinic so it tends to be subtly drying, on the cheeks mostly, hence I follow it up with either a toner or a moisturizer depending on the routine I am using for the day. I like using this daily followed by a moisturizing routine and when I'm wearing makeup since pores tend to minimize after using this product. It has a very slight tingly sensation when massaging the face during cleansing that might be because of the exfoliating ingredients on the list so I never let it sit on my skin longer than 30 seconds. It has a lot of product that I'll have alot of uses out of it and maximize the value for the price before I even run out. Using this has been a very enjoyable experience for me even when my skin barrier is damaged I still use this on a daily basis followed by a ceramide cleanser. Disclaimer: What might work for me may not work for you.
product review negatives
Nothing bad to say. I use this daily and has great effects on my skin especially the Probiotic.




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Great review thank you
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Wow, I can’t wait to try it
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I would love it

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