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Jeju Artemisia Essence




alexandraskrupnikova review for Jeju Artemisia Essence


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Jeju Artemisia Essence

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šŸŒ± The consistency is liquid, light yellow in color, a very pleasant delicate herbal aroma with a subtle hint of wormwood, I really like the smell! After application, it has a very light oiliness, which is quickly absorbed, without leaving grease and stickiness! Volume - 150ml. The bottle itself is interestingly divided into divisions, for 30 days of use, so now you will know exactly how much you need to apply to the skin! šŸ‘ The essence can be used directly on the skin with patting movements, soaked in cotton pads, applied to certain areas of the skin, used as a Mist or as a face mask! šŸŒ± Conclusion: I am very pleased with the natural composition of the product and its action! The essence soothed my inflammations well, the rashes disappear faster, the skin is smooth, hydrated and nourished. I like that it is quickly absorbed, does not weigh down the skin, you can safely use it before makeup! I believe that such a product is simply irreplaceable in care, because it combines very necessary properties that protect the skin from the daily aggressive effects of the environment, and is also an ambulance for any skin type! I recommend - Jeju Artemisia Essence, I love it! šŸ‘šŸŒ±šŸ’š
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I didn't find any cons for myself!!!




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