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Bakuchiol Serum




hiraethsal review for Bakuchiol Serum

Skin Care

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Bakuchiol Serum

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I received this product for free from Picky and Benton in exchange for my honest review💕 I started using the benton bakuchiol serum for a week and I am very shocked with the results. This serum contains bakuchiol and niacinamide which I was little hesitant about as I didn't have a good experience with niacinamide. The texture is very lightweight and it comes in a color similar to turmeric yellow 💛 It does have a distinct, essential oil smell that could throw people off but it does disappear quick. I applied a pea sized amount to my entire face and emphasized more on my problem areas. After application, the serum got instantly absorbed into my skin. It felt like there was a soft protective layer on my skin surface which is nice. It claims to even out skin tone and texture which I agree. Highly recommend especially for this winter season ♡
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Nothing bad to note out.




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