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Beauty Water

Son & Park

Son & Park


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Beauty Water

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Features * Cleansing water that combines dead cell management and moisturization provided by the power of natural plant energy * Eliminates remaining impurities after cleansing * Multi-purpose mist containing AHA and Protease to exfoliate and smooth complexion * Provides extra boost of hydration * Lightweight/ non-greasy Key Ingredients * Damascus Rose Water * Witch Hazel * Protease * Herb Complex Impression At first I wasn't too sure which category to place this in considering it's wide range of benefits. Nonetheless I found it to be ideal for applying after cleansing much like a toner. It does have a slight rose fragrance but quickly dissipates once it's blended. I especially like using this beauty water in the mornings due to it leaving a crisp, refreshing feel. Although it delivers a brief moisturizing feel at best, I have noticed a decrease in redness and irritation, which has been super helpful for evening out my skin tone. Overall, the Beauty Water Mist would be a great addition to anyone's skincare routine, particularly those who are looking for a multi-use product.
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Delivers brief moisturizing feel




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Great content!

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