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Argan Nourishing Hair Oil




skinsupportco review for Argan Nourishing Hair Oil

Hair Oil

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Argan Nourishing Hair Oil

product review positives
so i’ve been trialling this new hair oil from iUNIK ever since i received it and i was so happy to be chosen to trial their new haircare. as some of you know i’m obsessed with haircare and that clean hair feeling so love investing in products that can help me achieve that sensation. i genuinely love the subtle scent of this argan nourishing hair oil. it reminds me of a clean men’s fragrance, but it leans more towards the unisex side, which i appreciate. the fact that it comes in a huge 100ml size is fantastic, and the pump applicator makes it super convenient. plus, it's surprisingly affordable. the signature scent is a nice touch. the blend of invigorating citrus with musk and woody notes adds a touch of elegance, and i love that my hair smells clean throughout the day. i will say that this argan hair oil can feel very luxe and heavy if you tend to overuse your hair products (i’m guilty) it’s easy to get carried away and apply too much because it smells that damn good!
product review negatives
Easy to apply too much can feel heavy and greasy on the hair




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I love the scent on this one although some was bothered by it

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