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Bakuchiol Serum




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Skin Care

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Bakuchiol Serum

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I was very interested in trying the ingredient;Bakuchiol. This is the first product ill be trying with Bakuchiol. I've used retinol once, didn't have fun it caused a lot of inflammation, especially around my nose and lips. I was excited to try out a serum with alternative that is also plant derived that promised similar results without the purging and inflammation. The serum looks thick but is lightweight and has a silky texture, making it easy to apply and absorb into my skin..It doesn't really leave a tint on the skin for me,even though its brownish yellow Unlike retinol, this serum was gentle, didn't cause any irritation, inflammation or dryness. It comes in a pump bottle, which makes it easy to dispense the right amount of product. It smells a little odd lol, a little earthy and herbal But i dont really mind it.
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Couldn't find anything to complain about.




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