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Bakuchiol Serum




shinelikeci review for Bakuchiol Serum

Skin Care

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Bakuchiol Serum

product review positives
Products: Benton's Bakuchiol Serum I received these products for free from Picky and Benton in exchange for my honest review. @go.picky @pickyrewards @bentoncosmetic I’m a big fan of Benton’s Aloe BHA skin toner but haven’t really tried other products, so I was pretty excited to have the opportunity to try these out. I had heard good things about the snail bee toner. Bakuchiol serum: The color kind of threw me off, not gona lie. It reminded me so much of sriracha mayo for some reason. Color aside, this serum felt really nice on the skin. It absorbed easily and did not leave any residue behind. It wore excellent under makeup and was easy to layer with other skincare products.
product review negatives
Haven’t seen much of the effects of improving skin texture or elasticity.




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