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Snail Bee Ultimate Toner




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Snail Bee Ultimate Toner

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✨Retinol Night with Benton✨ Thank you to @go.picky @pickyrewards @bentoncosmetic for sending me these products for free in exchange for my honest reviews. Snail Bee Ultimate Toner💚 🔹Main ingredients: snail secretion filtrate, peptides (6 types), adenosine, bee venom 🔹Texture: watery, clear, no scent This toner is meant for dull and dry skin, and my face in the winter is definitely dull and sad. I’m really enjoying whatever this sorcery is – it feels like I’m splashing water on my face but I feel so moisturized after the fact! This fits in both morning and night routines and is extremely versatile. I’d love to see it come in a larger format for a 7 Skins method of application. Benton really did a fantastic job on this toner – it looks so simple but it has a plethora of ingredients to help give me bouncy skin while protecting my precious skin barrier.
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A larger size would be wonderful!




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