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Beauty Water Mist

Son & Park

Son & Park


Lesyao review for Beauty Water Mist

Skin Care

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Beauty Water Mist

product review positives
So this mist came in late autumn when there is not so much sun anymore, usually I use mists in summer, when i'm too hot and I don't want to wipe my skin. But this mist does not only work as a moisturizer, but also as a cleansing water, for example wipe the face during the day,  or also lightly spritz this mist to eliminate any remaining impurities and refresh your skin after the last cleansing step. This goodie is a multi-purpose mist, that contains AHA and protease ingredients, which work together to exfoliate dead skin cells and promote a clear, smooth complexion, helping you achieve a more refined skin texture. In the ingredient list we can find:  Damascus Rose Water, Witch Hazel, and Herb Complex - they soothe the skin, help take the blemishes away, or at least lighten them out. The spray is lightly fragranced, reminds me of tea rose, such a fine smell, i love it! (must be that damascus rose water), it leaves no irritation and leaves the skin lightweightly refreshed during the day. Basically I have it on my working table and sometimes during the day just stop, breathe out, have coffee/tea and spray myself some love. Also works great with the pads - I spray the cotton pads and put them on my face, just like toner pads, and here you go - mask of the day is ready!
product review negatives
Nothing,it's very nourishing 🥰




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