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beebybabby review for Grapefruit

Skin Care

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product review positives
šŸŒ· Beautiful glassy shine šŸŒ· Pretty sheer colors with pleasant scents šŸŒ· Easy to apply on the go - This is my go-to "purse product" for my lips, I love it to bits! I purchased the shade "Grapefruit", and it's very flattering on my neutral toned, warm-leaning skin. The tint is sheer but can be built up to a deeper color, and it leaves a beautiful glossy shine. The scent of the Grapefruit shade is also my absolute favorite of any lip product I've ever tried, it's a sweet citrusy smell without the sourness of real grapefruit.
product review negatives
šŸ‚ Works better as a gloss than a balm šŸ‚ Slightly sticky - As much as I love this product myself, I docked a star for two reasons- the most important is that I definitely feel this is better as a makeup product than a proper skincare balm. If my lips feel very dry, this alone does not make them feel moisturized for long, so I use it as more of a gloss. The second reason is that the texture is rather thick and sticky. It's not as bad as a sticky gloss, and unless you apply a ton you won't find your hair getting stuck to your lips, but you can definitely feel that it's there, which I know icks some people. I personally don't mind it, and it doesn't gunk up or cause any weird white film on your lips- it wears off gracefully and just kinda sinks into your lips. If you're looking for a very effective lip balm for moisture then I'd look elsewhere, but for a balm works well enough and that looks SUPER pretty, this is THE one!




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