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Chocolate Dahlia




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Chocolate Dahlia

product review positives
šŸŒ· Beautiful wet-looking shine šŸŒ· Colors complement eachother well šŸŒ· Cute packaging - A beautiful trio of glitter topper eyeshadows. The shadows have a transparent base with dense glitter that gives a very pretty wet effect on the skin. The formula is very creamy so it can be easily and evenly applied with just your fingers. I got the shade "Rosewater", which comes with three glitter shades- a champagne, a light pink, and a medium plum. All three are neutral-toned and slightly muted, and they look beautiful together. The packaging is also super cute, though not the most convenient to store. If you love glitter then you'll probably love it- the shadows really do look gorgeous!
product review negatives
šŸ‚ A lot of glitter fallout even when using fingers šŸ‚ Inconvenient to store - The major flaw of this product is that the glitter gets everywhere! I dab this shadow on with my fingers but still end up finding glitter all over me by the end of the day, so I imagine it would be even messier if you used a brush. I don't know if fallout is ever really avoidable with a glitter-heavy product like this, but you'll definitely want a primer with good grip underneath this to improve the wear. Packaging is difficult to store.




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