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Lip Treatment - Clear




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Lip Balms

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Lip Treatment - Clear

product review positives
🌷 Lasting moisture 🌷 Not too thick or sticky 🌷 Glossy finish with flattering color choices 🌷 Very comfortable on the lips - This is my absolute favorite lip balm. Honestly one of the most underrated products I've ever tried. I have very dry, sensitive skin and my lips are very picky when it comes to moisture. Most balms add a bit of comfort in the moment, but leave my lips feeling thirsty again within a couple minutes. This treatment balm feels so amazing on the lips- it adds so much moisture and it LASTS without being overly thick or sticky. And as a bonus, it looks beautiful too! This leaves such a beautiful glossy finish, and the tints give the perfect amount of sheer color. The one I'm using right now is a mini tube of the "Peach Pink" shade, but I've also finished a tube of this in "Mauve Pink." Both are such flattering MLBB shades, with Mauve Pink being a cooler muted color and Peach Pink being a warmer brighter color. They have a lovely and soft natural scent that smells like something close to coconut and cocoa butter. I can't recommend this product or this brand enough. (Sorry, there was no option for the Peach Pink shade available, so I hope it's okay to put it here!)
product review negatives
πŸ‚ Slightly unpleasant taste πŸ‚ Tube not ideal for applying on the go - I find that it does have a bit of a weird taste if it gets in your mouth, but it doesn't bug me. I do wish I could change is the packaging- the tube works perfectly fine, but I don't like applying products with my fingers when I'm out because it feels unsanitary. It's also pretty expensive. I can't bring myself to lower the rating just because of that though- it's just too good!




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