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Into The Water-Hole Ampoule




DanielleSkin27 review for Into The Water-Hole Ampoule

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Into The Water-Hole Ampoule

product review positives
I received this product for free from Picky and Plodica in exchange for my honest review. The Into The Water-Hole Ampoule contains lotus extract, glycerin, beta-glucan, several weights of hyaluronic acid, and magnolia bark extract. It’s milky but light and absorbs into skin quickly, leaving no stickiness behind. I don’t normally use a specific hydrating product in my routines, but I’m actually enjoying this ampoule right now while the weather is very dry and cold where I live and it can easily be worked into my morning or night routine. It just adds another layer of hydration and plumpness to my skin, which is always needed during this time of year. I find this pretty soothing and cooling as well. Pairs well with all other products I have tried it with. Also contains no added fragrance, essential oils, or colors which makes it especially suitable for sensitive skin and those who are sensitive to fragrances. I always appreciate a fragrance free product.
product review negatives
Nothing bad about this ampoule per se, I just don’t always have room in my routines to add a serum specifically for hydration. I do make that a priority during the winter though, so it’s perfect for during the winter months!




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