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Pine Leaf Vegan Cream




Tianga review for Pine Leaf Vegan Cream

Skin Care

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Pine Leaf Vegan Cream

product review positives
💚❤️💙PICKY REVIEW I received these products for free from Picky and Suiskin in exchange for my honest review. They were Suiskin's Pine leaf vegan cream and Vegan collagen firming ampoule. 💚❤️💙CLAIMS Vegan collagen firming ampoule •Improves skin elasticity •Anti-aging Pine leaf vegan cream •Soothe and moisturize tired skin 💚❤️💙KEY INGREDIENTS Vegan collagen firming ampoule •Sodium Hyaluronate •Niacinamide Pine leaf vegan cream •Pine needle extract •Betaine •Pinus Pinaster Bark extract 💚❤️💙CHARACTERISTICS Vegan collagen firming ampoule •Plant based pink milky liquid that spreads smoothly. Has no scent. Pine leaf vegan cream •White scentless cream. 💚❤️💙STATS Vegan collagen firming ampoule •40ml/1.35 fl.oz hard plastic bottle with a plastic dropper. •Ampoules are around $30 on various websites Pine leaf vegan cream •50ml/1.69 fl.oz tube. • Tubes are $24 on various websites. •Made in Korea 💚❤️💙MY OPINION This is a very new brand to me. I had never heard of it. The packaging looked very simple and after reading I could see why. The materials are made with eco-friendly materials. Soybean oil was used to print on the packages. The feeling of my skin after using them is soft and supple and my skin just absorbs them well. This was also without using other products. I was able to apply both and leave the house. For dry skin, I would definitely recommend using them after the toner stage. 💚❤️💙💚/5 for both products. Thank you @go.picky @pickyrewards @suiskin_global@go.picky for this opportunity to review these products for my honest feedback.
product review negatives
The packaging is joyless. Nothing fun or interesting about the product's presentation.




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